StoryPie is a uniquely developed app that engages the voracious reader in you with passionately well conceptualized, researched, curated and original content. It is true, exclusively compiled, written, and compelling story reads always get our app user attention. But we also exist to ensure going beyond just magical reads to giving our app user’s seamless user experience. These terms and conditions of use set the backdrop and foundation for easier interaction and engagement with our enthusiastic readers through this app.

Access/Usage Terms

  • StoryPie is downloadable and installable from various platforms. Relevant updates of the app are done from time to time to improve app functionality. To fully access our app you need to download and install it on your mobile device.

  • StoryPie is an originally designed app providing latest thought provoking stories, information, facts and much more. It is a knowledge disbursing app with lots of up to date published material. StoryPie operates within the ambit of established guidelines which may include (but not be limited to) the terms and conditions agreement, relevant local law and regulation. These guidelines and rules are subject to change without prior notice as the management deems necessary for better user interaction.

  • StoryPie accords limited right to install and use the app on any mobile device. However, unauthorised copying or misuse of the apps content and features constitutes violation of usage terms and conditions. This may lead to severe penal implications or barring from using the app. Unless otherwise stated or permitted in the usage terms, optional considerations can be made for specific archiving or book marking and that too with definite permission.

  • Our app gives exclusive access to uniquely curated content and its features on the app. Whether it is stories on topics like cryptocurrency, technology, health, travel, culture etc. We ensure fresh insights, details, information but we never permit use of third party content on our app without prior permission / authorisation. This may constitute or translate to copyright violation.

  • We deem it necessary that all app users are registered on the apps database. This enables us to track user safety, right app usage and other valid applications / requirements as laid down in the Indian information technology act.

Caution on Cryptocurrency

-StoryePie does not purport or claim to deal in, endorse or validate the accuracy of the cryptocurrency craze currently going on globally. Our researched and curated content is based on following trends and technical inputs of subject matter experts in various fields of interest we publish about. We neither promote nor advocate for the accuracy of any the claims regarding cryptocurrency. Therefore, any decision by our app users to follow these trends means undertaking to first fully research any of the claims and bear all risks associated with it.

-Storypie is not a conduit/channel for any illicit/illegal business activity especially with regard to new business ideas or information. We are a fully registered organisation that believes in open education and enlightenment of our users. Our app strives to bring out fresh perspectives based on well researched content feed and latest trending stories on a variety of topics. Our search is for educational, informative stories (pies) not endorsement purposes.

-Be advised and cautioned before taking any steps or acting on what you read on cryptocurrency on our app and to fully validate and certify the claims. StoryPie bears no responsibility whatsoever (in any manner) arising from reckless acts regarding this issue. Ours is restricted to information dissemination and not endorsement of in any manner of current global financial issues or trends.